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What is Life Skills

Life Skills is a network of affiliate centers whose trained facilitators teach the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum. The goal of Life Skills is to help individuals increase their capacity to function well in relationships, build character and, where possible, to offer hope of reconciliation.
Originally formulated to address the concerns of families in abusive situations, the curriculum offers tools to enrich and "fine tune" any relationship. Class members, including both married and single adults, are taught how to break the patterns of the past and establish balance in relationships.

Who are we?

South Hills Life Skills Center is a safe place where individuals can come to get tools and learn skills to help rebuild their lives and improve their self-image. We treat every individual with respect and dignity. We have been offering the course at our San Jose Campus since 1999. We currently have centers in 3 locations: Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz and San Jose.

How we do it

South Hills Life Skills Center classes are conducted separately for men, women and teens. Our trained facilitators present the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum through oral presentation, workbook study, group discussion, videos and other visual aides. Phase 1 of the course is 30 weeks. Classes are limited in size, with enrollment of 8 to 14 people. Fees for the course are sliding scale, based on household income. (There are some scholarships available.)

What do we do

The "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" curriculum is a 30-week course that provides tools and teaches skills to help break unhealthy or ineffective patterns and enhance relationships.
The course helps uncover root issues and unproductive beliefs. Painful childhood experiences that are unresolved can cause reactive behaviors in our adult life. These behaviors can destroy our potential for happiness and success. With limited ability to have healthy relationships, we sabotage our careers and personal relationships. These factors contribute to emotional turmoil, leading us to express ourselves (both in words and actions) in a negative manner. Life Skills teaches us new and better ways.

Some of the life-changing skills presented in the course include:

Establishing Roots for a Healthy Family Communications Managing Stress
Awareness and Processing of Feelings Learning to Forgive Developing Trust
Accepting Responsibility Love & Family Bonding Anger Management

Pre-registration is required.
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